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Published:August 10th, 2010 19:50 EST

Putin Is A Superhero: He Should Run For President ... Of USA

By Robert Paul Reyes

"On Tuesday, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin of Russia tried his hand at firefighting, sitting at the controls of a plane that dumped water on two wildfires in central Russia."


Putin the Russian Prime Minister, and de facto leader, has also ridden a horse bare-chested, copiloted a fighter jet, participated in martial arts tournaments, descended to the bottom of a lake in a mini-sub, and taken his Harley to a biker rally.

I can imagine Obama riding a pony side-saddle while waving like a beauty queen to the crowd, but I can`t picture him on a horse bare-chested. Obama would be too worried that PETA would get on his case for using a horse as a beast of burden.

George W. Bush neglected the victims of Katrina, and it tarnished his presidency. Obama hasn`t done much better dealing with the BP oil disaster, but Putin is seizing the bull by the horns. Putin is demonstrating that he is a hands-on kind of guy in dealing with natural disasters.

John McCain was born in the Panama Canal Zone and Obama may have been born in Kenya, why can`t Putin run for president of the United States? If Putin was the president instead of Obama, he would have given BP CEO, Tony Hayward, a martial arts beatdown. He would also have descended to the bottom of the gulf in a mini-sub and capped the well.

There are still real men in this world who don`t eat quiche, and sip daintily on white wine. We need a man in charge like Putin who devours a rack of lamb, and guzzles vodka.

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