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Published:February 4th, 2006 16:33 EST
Dead Body Guy Offering in Ebay - an Advertising Opportunity

Dead Body Guy Offering in Ebay - an Advertising Opportunity

By Alan Gray

Dead Body Guy makes his eBay advertising opportunity auction debut Superbowl Sunday.

Dead Body Guy is making headlines all over the World for his motivation to play dead for television studios and movie producers. He has now been toe tagged and recognized globally simply as "Dead Body Guy".

Chuck Lamb from Columbus Ohio and his alter-ego, Dead Body Guy, is putting his talent to play dead - up for auction on eBay. This advertising opportunity auction was created by James Wester of and "The winning bidder of this auction is going to be ecstatic at the amount of publicity, website traffic and overall business that they receive from this auction. I'm really excited to launch his auction advertising debut", Wester said.

The auction is to consist of Lamb providing a full weekend of advertising for the lucky winning bidder. He is prepared to play dead, sign autographs, do photo shoots, shoot a television commercial or anything else that is deemed acceptable in his role to become the most famous "dead guy" on the planet.

The auction starts live online at Sunday February 5th at 6:00pm Eastern Standard Time.? The auction is set to run for 10 days, but includes a very enticing bonus for the smart and crafty "Buy it now" bidder.

The auction has already been picked up by to be the featured eBay auction of the week.?Stacey Garrett of AuctionGab told NewsBlaze, "We love dead body guy here at AuctionGab!?We really love the family man values that he has and he sure was funny on the Today show."

To see the incredible advertising opportunity auction on eBay go to and click on the featured auction of the week.

Chuck Lamb's publicity agent, Anne Howard, can be contacted at 514-523-3771 or

To reach Mr James Wester in Australia, please call (02) 4225 0609, country code (61), email