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Published:April 3rd, 2006 14:40 EST

Polar Bears Are in Growing Jeopardy by Katelyn Sabochik

By SOP newswire

Perfectly at home in one of the world's most forbidding environments, polar bears spend their summers roaming the Arctic on large chunks of floating ice. Without these thick rafts of sea ice, the bears can’t survive. As you read this, global warming is causing the polar bears’ Arctic habitat to literally melt away beneath them.

However, we can ensure a future for the polar bears by protecting them under the Endangered Species Act (ESA).

Please join us in urging the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to protect polar bears from extinction by listing them under the ESA!  Click here now to send your message.

Listing polar bears under the Endangered Species Act -- America’s safety net for plants and animals on the brink of extinction -- will provide broad protections.  This listing would require that U.S. agencies not jeopardize their continued existence in any way or harm their critical habitat.  

Polar bears are in growing jeopardy as the ice essential to their survival rapidly disappears. Some studies forecast an ice-free Arctic in summer as early as 2100, spelling certain doom for polar bears.

A growing number of polar bears are already drowning as they are forced to swim more often, and for longer distances, in search of ice sheets. Researchers found four dead polar bears floating 60 miles off Alaska’s coast in the fall of 2004, and it’s likely that many more will drown as ice sheets continue to melt.

Click here to join us in urging the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to list polar bears under the ESA before it’s too late!