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Published:April 6th, 2006 00:06 EST
Celebrate Africa- A Writing Project

Celebrate Africa- A Writing Project

By Juliet Maruru

Towards the end of 2005, a group of young African writers based in Nairobi, Kenya, came upon an idea.

The idea, however was not to come to fruition until March 2006, when a writing Project named Celebrate Africa was born. Celebrate Africa was to be just that; a celebration of Africa.

The group of young writers then embarked upon a literary journey, looking not to hide from the inadequacies of their beloved continent, but to highlight the best of Africa. It wasn’t long before a decision was made to invite other writers, younger or older, African or not African, anyone who had something positive to say about Africa. The response was immensely favorable.

The invitation is still open for writers all over the world, who have stories, essays, poems and perhaps photographs of Africa to share with the rest of the world. They can be stories of Africa, memories of Africa, research information, and anything you can think of. They don’t have to shy from the problems of Africa (it is about Africa!), but they must mention a wonderful, beautiful or extraordinary aspect of Africa.

The creators of Celebrate Africa hope that this experience will be an enlightening, rewarding adventure for the contributors. Since all proceeds will go towards establishing a Young Writers Club for African writers aged between 12 and 26, it is hoped that Celebrate Africa will bring much more to celebrate in years to come.

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