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Published:May 31st, 2006 14:26 EST
Juvenile Probation Curfew Sweep Tonight in Fort Pierce Fla.

Juvenile Probation Curfew Sweep Tonight in Fort Pierce Fla.

By SOP newswire

The Fort Pierce Police Department will be conducting a Juvenile Probation Curfew Sweep tonight beginning at 6 p.m. If you are interested please give me a call at 772-370-1848. Depending on how many takers we get, we may have to do it on a first-come-first-serve basis because we will not be able to accommodate everyone. 

The department conducted the first sweep on April 21. Four teams, consisting of two officers and one juvenile Probation Officer, visited 47 homes to check up on 48 youth. These youth are court-ordered to abide by curfew restrictions/home detention. Of the 48 youth visited, 15 were actually at home. The number of youth not at home, therefore clearly in violation of their probationary curfew restrictions was 20. At the other homes, it was discovered that the families had either moved to an unknown address, or that the house was vacant. Two misdemeanor "Take Into Custody" (warrant) arrests were made, and five field interviews were completed.

Overall the mission was a great success, " said Detective Daniela Dreizehnter. The curfew sweep sent a strong message to the youth and their families, that curfew violations won`t be tolerated and can be ground`s for violating the youth`s probation. "

While most parents appreciated the check-up because their kids are beyond control, " others were shocked to find out that they could themselves be held liable for not following the curfew procedure by allowing their kids to go out and play or letting them go away with other family members.

It is obvious the youth and their parents have been very relaxed in adhering to curfew regulations, " said Dreizehnter.