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Published:June 20th, 2006 13:02 EST
Underground Bounty Hunter - CinemaVenture Internet Game Where You Can Win

Underground Bounty Hunter - CinemaVenture Internet Game Where You Can Win

By Anne Laszlo Howard

Los Angeles, CA (rushprnews) – Movie trailer of the Underground Bounty Hunter is scheduled for viewing this week. The Internet Game coined a CinemaVenture by Darryl Quarles and his team will be released July 14th, 2006 and is sure to be the Next Big Thing, not unlike The Terminator series, Halo, and 

Darryl J. Quarles, studio writer and producer, whose credits include Big Momma’s House 1 & 2, Black Knight, Soldier Boyz, Rat Race, among other high grossing box office hits  created this CinemaVenture and its innovative concept where the players become part of a feature film and run the chance of winning BIG.

Underground Bounty Hunter is a brand new, cutting edge, interactive, live action, “CinemaVenture” internet game. It consists of a ten part episodic series combining the life like excitement of a full length feature film, with the principals of a problem solving, action packed video game, i.e.: Grand Theft Auto© or Hit Man- Blood Money©. Our anti-hero is a mysterious, intense and powerful bounty hunter, who chases the most corrupt villains hidden in the underbelly of the crime world.

The player controlling the game becomes the bounty hunter, and must find his way through prostitutes, murderers, drug dealers, mobsters, and other illicit characters in order to locate and destroy or capture the villain he is persuing. In each scene, there is an action packed sequence that jeopardizes his life, as he navigates through the episode. The player must study and travel through each scene, finding clues that will help advance him to the next level of the film. Yet, if a scene is misinterpreted, and the player subsequently obtains the incorrect clues, The Underground Bounty Hunter is in danger of being shot, killed, captured or wounded. The purpose of the hunt is to apprehend the criminal with the bounty on his head. The first player to successfully navigate through the ten level episode and captures the target wins the BOUNTY valued at $100,000 in cash. Furthermore, the winning player will receive the villain’s personal possessions, which could include products such as sports cars, powerboats, plasma televisions, etc. Each episode in the series has its own bounty of cash and prizes. The stakes for the player are very high, as the participant is not only playing to challenge himself and beat the game, but is also playing to defeat the other online competitors to win the grand prize.

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