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Published:June 25th, 2006 07:18 EST
Energy Reductions.....High Fuel Costs and Global Warming

Energy Reductions.....High Fuel Costs and Global Warming

By SOP newswire

Little Falls, New Jersey, -  Everybody is searching for a solution to high fuel prices. Dr. George Molteni, JD-PhD, and CEO for The Energy Group ™, believes there is a viable solution, not only to high fuel prices, but also global warming and other environmental issues. Test results show that The Fossil Fuel Stabilizer, has resulted in up to 31% fuel savings and up to 96% emission reduction (including bio-fuels). These are impressive results for an easy-to-install cost-efficient device, that doesn’t require maintenance, never has to be replaced, not magnets or additive, has a significant positive effect on the environment, and is readily available for use with any fossil fueled combustion equipment: Vehicles - Locomotives - Vessels - Aircraft - Boiler/Building Heating Systems, Co-Generation, Fuel Cells, Generators, Home Oil Heating Systems, etc

The Fossil Fuel Stabilizer does just as its name implies.  It stabilizes the fuel (trade secret process) so that it burns more thoroughly and efficiently and therefore, significantly reduces emissions. (A more detailed explanation can be read at  The virtually complete elimination of exhaust emissions reduces carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, particulates, nitrogen oxides and sulphur dioxide, etc.  According to The Energy Group™, The Fuel Stabilizer is probably the only product available today (not magnets) that addresses air pollution before combustion rather than after pollution has been created.  

Although The Fossil Fuel Stabilizer has met with some skepticism, Dr. Molteni isn’t concerned. He offers a 10% discount and FREE shipping until Labor Day, 2006 to give people an opportunity to try the device. “All great achievements will always attract skepticism and falsehoods out of  ego and or ignorance. See the results for yourself. Please review press articles and results at our site at and”  

The Goal of The Energy Group™ is to reduce inefficiency and waste, and create a positive impact on the environment. They integrate unique and proven technology to reduce fuel usage, costs, consumption, waste, and pollution in power, fossil fuel, mold, and coal systems. In addition to The Fossil Fuel Stabilizer, The Energy Group ™ offers consultation and products for reduction in other energy sources.

Contact: Dr. George J. Molteni, JD-PhD, CEO

The Energy Group

Phone: 1-973-942-8628