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Published:July 6th, 2006 07:49 EST
A Little Girl Works to Fight HIV/AIDS in Ethiopia.

A Little Girl Works to Fight HIV/AIDS in Ethiopia.

By Anita Helton

HIV/AIDS is a rampant problem that is growing greatly every day.  One 16-year old Muslim girl, Hindi Ahmed, is trying to make a difference.  "I want to be a
role model to my people and my friends," she says.  Hindi is working to teach about HIV/AIDS.  She encourages them to finish school before marriage and to stay abstinent.


Hindi is one of about 12,000 peer educators in Ethiopia.  The United States has helped assist with this project that began in 2005 as an initiative to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV.  There is also a continuing push to provide the communities with


The messages advocating abstinence and monogamy in marriage.


The U.S. to give this program five years in which they will provide the funding to support blood safety, train healthcare workers in safety precautions and injection safety. Ethiopia is one of 15 countries that America is giving funding to.  Each year they are sent millions of dollars to help fight this global problem and prevent further spread.  This year alone Ethiopia is expected to see $123 million to fight HIV/AIDS.


Hinid Ahmed is doing her part as well.  She teaches her friends through poetry which she feels interest them.  She is determined to finish her education before marriage and is working hard to make sure her friends do the same.