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Published:July 15th, 2006 12:12 EST
First Came the Fab-Four- Now It's Your Turn

First Came the Fab-Four- Now It's Your Turn

By Maria Marchisello



First Came the Fab-Four " Now It`s Your Turn

The SOP`s Battle of the Bands -  It`s the Next Generation of Inter-tainment

Once upon a December evening in 1961, four talented musicians prepared to show the English town of Aldershot just what they could do. It was an exciting time for these young men. They had recently begun to pack houses with their infectious sound and this gig promised to be no different "but instead of a rapturous audience eagerly awaiting their arrival, the band was greeted by 18 people.  

Eighteen people. The band`s name? 

The Beatles.  

The moral of this little tale is that even the biggest bands come from humble beginnings. After all, when your band is starting out, any play is good play. It`s all about grabbing as much exposure as possible, and that`s where The Student Operated Press comes in.  

No matter what your band`s genre, style or hometown is, The SOP wants to hear from you. We`re hosting a worldwide SOP`s Battle of the Bands, the winner of which will receive: 

  • Free PR from The Student Operated Press, as well as our partner media outlets
  • Help engineering your album
  • And CD promotion!

Not to mention the fact that your band will be given the opportunity to be heard by millions of listeners

Sound good? Send your tracks and a brief description of your band to

You know you have the talent. Now let the rest of the world know too.  

Judyth Piazza and the American Perspective, It`s the Next Generation of Inter-tainment.