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Published:August 16th, 2006 14:22 EST
New Innovative Web-Based Technology Called SMSJock

New Innovative Web-Based Technology Called SMSJock

By SOP newswire

SAN FRANCISCO, Ca. - Feedtext Inc. has announced the availability of a new and innovative Web-based technology called "SMSJock" ( that leverages on the power of the mobile phone for a better interaction and communication between radio station disc jockeys (DJs) and their listeners.

With SMSJock, there are no more busy lines, a common cause of irritation and frustration among listeners who want to communicate with their favorite radio station disc jockeys, whether to simply talk to them or request for their most-wanted song or songs. For a small fee, listeners can now interact with their radio station DJs practically worry-free.

SMSJock is a Web-based application tool that's available for free to radio stations, and gives them the ability to receive Short Message Systems (SMS) messages or text messages from their listeners' mobile phones. At the same time, SMSJock also allows DJs to broadcast to their listeners' phones like news, events, promotions, and other activities via text messages, thereby facilitating an effective, two-way communication between radio stations and listeners.

"Gone are the days when listeners get frustrated at the radio station disc jockeys because they think their requests are being ignored or because the radio station has poor phone lines or are swamped by numerous calls. With SMSJock now in play, this ushers in a new era in radio station-listener interaction using innovative SMS technology that makes everything run smoothly and efficiently, even despite lack of human intervention," explains Vince T. Yamat, Chief Executive Officer of Feedtext Inc.

The technology is easy to use for DJs in terms of managing the thousands of messages sent by listeners. This eliminates the need for production assistants, who, in the traditional way, were given the menial but most of the time difficult task of receiving and jotting down messages or answering phone calls from listeners. It also paves the way for better radio station management in order to facilitate smoother radio programming and operations.

Another beauty of SMSJock technology is that it can be fully customized to fit radio stations' specific needs, like when conducting polls and promo contests. And because of its user-friendly, Web-based interface, it can let radio DJs know what their listeners want and are thinking almost instantaneously.

Using SMSJock also entails less investment on the part of the radio station owner since it only needs a computer and a reliable Internet connection for it to work.

With this new technology, SMSJock changes the traditional radio-listening landscape, thereby paving the way for a more modern and at the same time intimate interaction between radio stations and listeners.