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Published:October 13th, 2006 05:45 EST
Talk Hard... It's Like a Dirty Thought in a Nice, Clean Mind

Talk Hard... It's Like a Dirty Thought in a Nice, Clean Mind

By Amanda Carver

Ever wondered how you can get credit, without having credit? C’mon, you know you’ve heard this before. They stare at you across the desk giving you that condescending, patronizing look, and say, “Sorry, Hun, I can’t give you any credit until you build up your credit”.

 I’m sorry, is there a gas leak in here?  That doesn’t make a damned bit of sense to me. That’s like saying you can’t have your eggs until you get a chicken. Or is it you can’t have your chicken till you get your eggs? I don’t know and I don’t care.

The answer, however, our salvation, is The Student Operated Press.  Praised for being a real news outlet, the SOP plays host to today’s hottest young writers; yeah, the ones without credit.

If you’ve ever wanted to give the news your way, your story, your voice, then the mother ship has indeed landed, my friend. The Student Operated Press, home to The American Perspective and Piazza’s Perspective, is currently looking for fresh new minds, new writers, a new outlook on this crazy little thing called life, to create and submit Podcasts.

Audio or video, The SOP has the hook up to help you get your voice heard, your thoughts out there, perhaps before your head explodes and you end up like that guy from Scanners.

So let’s take note of the wisdom imparted to us by sensational Christian Slater in 1990’s pulpy hit, Pump Up The Volume.  I leave you with this…

~They think you’re moody, make ‘em think you’re crazy. Make ‘em think you might snap. They say you got attitude, you show ‘em real attitude.

~All the great themes have been used up and turned into theme parks.

~Feeling screwed up at a screwed up time in a screwed up place does not necessarily make you screwed up.

And my favorite…I say do it. I don’t care what, just do it. Jam me, jack me, push me, pull me, talk hard.

Now let’s hear what you’ve got.