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Published:November 1st, 2006 04:24 EST
Montclair Student's Hit the Big Screen

Montclair Student's Hit the Big Screen

By Andrew Chien

In, New Jersey if you want to get a BFA in Filmmaking, then you need to go to Montclair State University. The faculty is headed by working professionals in the film industry, most notably award winning filmmaker Tony Pemberton. Recently, his feature film Beyond the Ocean premiered in competition at the Sundance Film Festival in 2000, where it was nominated for a Jury Award. Pemberton is cited by Variety magazine as “One of Ten Directors to Watch in 2000.”

Fortunately, Tony Pemberton and the faculty are not content in resting on the laurels of their achievements. They are seeking connections with industry to make Montclair State University, one of the most equipped film schools in the East coast. However, Pemberton and his fellow film colleagues are not just going to make their BFA program look good on paper. On, November 6th at 7pm, they will debut the films of their prized pupils to the toughest critics of them all: the film viewing public.  

The students of Montclair State University are very excited to put their films out into the world and start branching out into festivals.

“Honestly, some of the students started to feel like the only place they could show their films was online. There were people getting more than 1000 visitors a month on their myspace accounts,” said Jordan Levinson CEO of GUNgOFILMS. Levinson then added that the new BFA program helped many film majors due to the low tuition costs and its location being near NYC helped many students gain internships. There is also a clear empathetic bond between faculty and students. What do Professor Pembleton’s students think of him?

Alberto Noriega, 3rd place winner in the NJ Young Filmmakers Fest 05 said, “Tony Pembleton is the father I never had.” The empathetic bond between faculty and student is very apparent. the students are geared towards helping out the program rather than putting up their own individual achievements. It is a mutual belief that if the Film BFA benefits then so does everyone else in the program.

This coming film festival should prove to be the most interesting debut in the history of Montclair State University. It will provide a platform for cutting edge avant-garde cinema. Rookie filmmaker Monica Dabrowski will be showing a morbid film that reflects the coldness of her milky white skin. Marta Harasymowicz, who placed 2nd in the NJ Young Filmmakers Fest in 06, will be showing a masochistic tale that involves 2 girls, a guy, and erotic voyeurism. Some things never change.  Drugs, sex, and music will be the motifs in the heads of these college students.

This exhibition of the Montclair State University Film BFA program should soon turn out to be a recurring event that always delivers a slice of culture for the starving artist in you. From family fun to mature intellectual and low brow films, Montclair Emerging Filmmaker’s Fest will be something to watch for. November 4th is the date and 3pm is the time. Attendance is the first step to preventing regret.