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Published:November 30th, 2006 17:46 EST
Students to Create Virtual Online Band to Raise 1MILLION Charity and Make Web History

Students to Create Virtual Online Band to Raise 1MILLION Charity and Make Web History

By SOP newswire

Resulting single to be on sale through HMV Digital & Napster  

An exciting new project entitled Be The Band " is being launched this year. The project hopes to attract students from a range of disciplines from musicians to animators and create an online virtual band with a single to be released through and HMV digital. Money will be raised for Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy through the online sales of the single with a target of £1 million..  

The project which is the result of a collaboration between and hopes to make web history by handing over the decision-making process to all those registered with the project, effectively making everyone involved part of the band management. Everything from the style of music to the final band members and song will be decided through an online voting and audition process on the project website So not even the organisers know what the resulting band will look or sound like until the project starts.   

The project founder Emma Reilly of & Launchpad Media believed the time was right for such a daring mission. 

We could never have pulled off a project like this ten years ago. The internet has truly opened the doors to creative expression in a community environment. We wanted to take advantage of this and bring a highly unique event to the internet that would allow every day people to help raise money for such a great cause. "

Mike Harding of & MTI LLC, who have been instrumental in the development of the project also sees the huge task of creating a web band highly exciting.

The most exciting part of this project for me is that it could really turn the idea of a "band` on its head .It could become the way bands are formed in the future as online communities become more and more popular. Think The X Factor but Bigger! ". We hope to raise a great deal of money and awareness for the charity through the project "  

The official, yet un-written single will be sold through HMV and Napster with all proceeds being donated to Nordoff-Robbins. 

Joe Meaney of Nordoff-Robbins is excited about being involved in such groundbreaking project: 

Music is part of our lives " a universal language. Music therapy builds on the knowledge that everyone, no matter how ill, disabled or traumatised, can respond to music. The money this unique idea raises will go towards the clinical, educational and research work done at our centre in London, and at over 40 outreach projects across the UK. " 

Dave Elston from HMV also finds the project very exciting: 

Here at HMV, we have always supported new talent and new formats to sell music and our Digital Music service gives us a great opportunity

to work with young talent and help support them. The project is very exciting and should help to raise a lot of money for Nordoff-Robbins,who do a fantastic job with Music Therapy. " 

Napster who will also be supporting the project by providing the resulting single for sale through their website and had this to say. 

"There`s always been a very strong community element to Napster which makes the concept of this project very appealing to us," said Napster UK & international programming director Jeff Smith. "I am impressed with the enterprising nature of Be The Band and how the students are harnessing the digital media environment to create their own unique content." 

It is also hoped a number of celebrities form the music industry will be on hand to mentor those students involved with the project with advise and encouragement.  


For further enquiries or to arrange an interview please contact either 

Mike Harding on:

+44 (0)1271 344738

Emma Reilly on:

+44 (0191) 2640943