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Published:December 6th, 2006 13:01 EST
Quik Pod: Fast Becoming Number One Camera Accessory on the Market

Quik Pod: Fast Becoming Number One Camera Accessory on the Market

By Anne Laszlo Howard

Quik Pod™ First Extendable Hand-Held Tripod in the World

Fast Becoming the Number One Camera Accessory on the Market

Modern-day Inventor Wayne Fromm once again succeeds in creating an accessory that has been described as ”It’s about time! Brilliant invention”.

"I see a lot of products and this one stands out as a winner. It solves an everyday problem for photographers." Neil Cohen, buyer J&R Music World/Computer World asserted.

NY-NY (rushprnews) - The Quik Pod™ was launched only three weeks ago, and to the great delight of his modern-day inventor Wayne Fromm, it is already fast becoming the hottest, number one camera and camcorder accessory for sale this shopping season. The Quik Pod™, an item that can be best described as an "extendable hand-held tripod" that lets you properly frame and photograph yourself with your friends and family.

Dave Johnson from PC World - Digital Focus: Holiday Shopping Guide, Part 1 described the Quik Pod™ in such terms: ” Take Fromm Works' $25 US, for example. This cool little gadget attaches to the bottom of your camera like a tripod, but it's actually an adjustable extension that lets you take a self-portrait from a comfortable distance away. Small enough to fit in your pocket, it enables you to take better "look-where-I-was" photos than just pointing a camera at your face from arm's length”.

The Quik Pod™. is a GREAT GIFT IDEA UNDER $30.00.

Fromm, who has invented and marketed nearly fifty successful commercial products and is particularly known for his toy creations-- including Disney's Beauty and the Beast Talking Mirror-- set out to build a compact, handheld tripod. Over one hundred prototypes were created before he successfully manufactured the world's first pocket size extendable, handheld tripod for digital cameras and camcorders, the Quik Pod™. A person simply holds the extended Quik Pod™ with the camera facing their face, and the camera takes their photo or video without the help of strangers.

And the reaction to the Quik Pod™? "I took it on a cruise to Cozumel last month and people from all over wanted to buy one, even a research scientist from New York!”, says Fromm. "I use it wherever I go. I would buy one even if I hadn’t invented it."

 The Quik Pod™ is made of sturdy polycarbonate and aluminum. It weighs less than 100 grams and comes with a built in self-positioning mirror and hiking clip.

Where to buy the product: The Quik Pod can be viewed at and on YouTube at . It can also be purchased in store in the USA at J&R Music World/Computer World and Ritz Camera or ordered online at by toll free: 1-800-567-0878. The Quik Pod will shortly be featured again at The Shopping Channel.

To set up an interview or to obtain a product sample: Contact Anne Howard by phone at 310-295-9578, or write her at Visit Anne at

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