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Published:December 28th, 2006 07:00 EST
100% Sell-through Speaks of Teen Sophistication

100% Sell-through Speaks of Teen Sophistication

By Nancy Lee Wolfe (HR Development/Content Manager)

Teen Trend Magazine Hits Target With Teens
Teen Trend Magazine toppled a milestone this month when they achieved 100% sell-through with Ingram Periodicals serving as their distributor. Never in the history of Ingram Publication has a teen-oriented magazine experienced a complete sell-through of a single-issue place in various independent bookstores and on newsstands.

Candice Cain, Editor-in-Chief, believes this speaks directly to the demand teens have created for information missing from other teen periodicals.  Unlike teen magazines, which encourage a spirit of rebellion and disrespect, Teen Trend Magazine speaks to the teen who intends to maximize every opportunity.

Teen Trend Magazine spotlights exemplary teens and young adults who also contribute to their communities.  Teens have demonstrated their desire to identify with successful young people who aspire to more than fame and fortune.

Classic teen concerns are also given due diligence.  The bi-monthly magazine features news, interviews, fashion, advice and articles of interest for teens ages 12 - 18.   The magazine covers news in a way that makes it relevant and interesting to teens.

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Candice Cain, Editor-in-Chief

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