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Published:January 10th, 2007 11:48 EST
Salton Sea is For the Birds...Help Save It Now!

Salton Sea is For the Birds...Help Save It Now!

By SOP newswire

California’s Salton Sea is one of the most diverse Important Bird Areas in North America. Over 400 bird species rely on the Salton Sea ecosystem, which is rapidly changing as water is transferred to thirsty Southern California. Now it’s time for California to choose a restoration plan to save this important wildlife habitat.

We are asking activists across the country to help ensure that California restores the Salton Sea for the benefit of birds and other wildlife and to protect public health. Public comments are due Tuesday, January 16.

Please add your protect this critical Important Bird Area.

California, like most of the United States, has already lost the vast majority of its wetlands and much other important bird habitat. As a result, the Salton Sea has become a critical stopover along the Pacific Flyway for millions of birds. The ecosystem provides habitat for 90 percent of the North American population of Eared Grebes, 30 percent of the global population of White-faced Ibis, 90 percent of the western population of American White Pelicans, 45 percent of the entire population of Yuma Clapper Rail, over 44 shorebird species and many other species. Birds from as far away as Russia, Alaska and South America depend on the Sea and surrounding farmland.

In 2003, the state and federal governments and other parties agreed to restore the Salton Sea as part of a major water transfer agreement. Since then, the California Resources Agency has developed eight restoration alternatives that vary greatly in the amount of habitat and air quality protection they provide. The State is taking public comments on those alternatives until January 16.