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Published:November 14th, 2010 14:51 EST
Bringing American's Closer Together: Will Roberts and the SOP

Bringing American's Closer Together: Will Roberts and the SOP

By Amanda Carver

Do you ever want to know what is going on in the world, yet find it difficult to face that giant horse pill of information?

Will Roberts, cowboy trick roper and cowboy humorist, agrees and has the answer with his daily telegram, "All I Know Is What I Read on the Internet". Will Roberts has joined forces with The Student Operated Press to bring you his outrageous take on the day`s events in which he`ll poke fun at politics, current events, and just about anything else that comes across as a little too serious.

Setting out to take us down a peg and remind us that things were much better back in the old days when folks just talked, Will Roberts certainly has the tools to get it done. Roberts developed that much sought after "cowboy wisdom" thanks to his one-man show, "The Good Will Tour".  He has spent time on FOX and CBS as a TV host following his passion, passion for being a cowboy, that is. Above all else, that is what Will Roberts is at heart.

Performing a preeminent tribute to the late Will Rogers, Roberts pays homage to "America`s Cowboy", and continues in those famous boot steps to bring us a little dose of what we all need so badly; News, humor, humility, kindness, and maybe a little more news.

Roberts thrills his live audiences with his trick ropes, spins, and cowboy songs. He thrills us here, on TheSOP, with quick wit a slow drawl and a cowboy point of view.

I believe we`d all agree that Will Roberts does not make jokes...he just watches the government and reports the facts.

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