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Published:February 23rd, 2007 08:30 EST
Platinum Ice Records and Pangborn's  Old School HIP HOP China Tour

Platinum Ice Records and Pangborn's Old School HIP HOP China Tour

By SOP newswire

If you have an interest in performing send your previous Tour info.

Possible Questions

Venue Information. What are the names of the possible venues? What cities are the potential venues located in? Size/capacity? Power?

There are many venues in China with large capacity; we are most likely tour big cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjing and Wuhan. All those big cities have stadium with a capacity of accommodating 50000 to 80000 people.

Workers Stadium: 71112
Stadium Workers: 10000
Capital Gymnasium: 18000
Golden Hall of the Great Hall of the People: 10000
Poly Theater: 1428
Shanghai Stadium: 80000
Hongkou Stadium: 35000
Shanghai grand Stage: 8000 - 10000
Guangzhou Tianhe Stadium: 80000
Guangdong Olympic Sports Center: 80000
Wuhan Sport center stadium : 60000

Have there been any previous international tours?

Yes. There are groups from Europe and the US that had tours in China, but not many, especially Rock & Roll.

2004 Deep Purple china tour, Beijing Workers Stadium and Guangzhou, shanghai.
3/7/2005, Rola Joans (?)Beijing Workers Stadium
1//16/2005 Backstreet Boys. Capital Gymnasium (Beijing)
8/2005, Painkiller ,Guangzhou Fangcun Sports Center
2005, ROSES/IAN BROWN HIP-HOP/COMMON, Beijing Chaoyang park (10,000)
7/2006 Black Eyed Peas, Beijing Exhibition Hall Theater/Shanghai grand Stage
1/20/2007 Eric Clapton

Whitney · Huston and Mike · the Burton had concert in China, but they were not well received as Black Eyed Peas.

If so, with who and what has been their track record? How successful? What were the most successful? What was the demographics/audience?

Most successful one is Black Eyed Peas. Young people like them.

Are there any write ups/publicity or documentation of past shows that they can look at?

If you search Google, you may find some related item, for instance, here is it site for Black Eyed Peas’s tour:

Possible routing of the tour. Which cities in potentially which order-for both windows May & October?

It all depends on who we have. The possible tour could be: Beijing/Tianjin/Shanghai/Guangzhou for October and May.

The most popular time frame/scheduling to the acts is to devote 10 days to 2 weeks with multiple shows-is that possible?

With 10 days we can tour 2-3 cities, 14 days we can do 4 cities.

Is it possible to do multiple shows in same city?


It is better to choose a venue with large capacity and do one show per city, it is more cost effective.

Transportation? Transportation of equipment?

Air. Transportation of equipment can be train or air.

Will they be paid in American money?

Mostly in Chinese money, but negotiable.

Taxes? Are the acts taxed? Is the merchandise they can sell taxed? If so how much? What’s the normal procedure? 

Yes, the income is taxable, 2% if under $40,000, 2.5% over $40,000. Our partner in China will take are of it for the performers.
Process of acquiring Visas? Is that their responsibility?

We will handle it, if all documents can be provided.

Some of the hotel and possible accommodations for headliners?
There are 6 star hotels in China; it all depends on the performer and budget.

Are there any national music charts or websites that they can review?

They can find it on the website.

Will the acts receive radio airplay or promotional support?

Yes, it will be in the contact.

Customs and cultural idiosyncrasies that the artists should be aware of?

They do not have to worry about it now; we will provide training/class before the china tour.

Call us with any questions

Platinum Ice Records and Pangborn

Tommy Simjian 203-506-0388