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Published:April 9th, 2007 06:31 EST
Hillary Clinton May Be Unelectable ­ But Not for The Reasons You Think

Hillary Clinton May Be Unelectable ­ But Not for The Reasons You Think

By SOP newswire

April 9, 2007 (NEW YORK, NY)  ­ The intro page to Hillary¹s website says
"Help Make History."  But, not so fast. First, read why a number of things having nothing to do with politics ­ will be working against Hillary, or any woman struggling to succeed, in a nonpolitical book ahead of its time.

Two years ago, Stefano Spadoni wrote What Men Don¹t Want You To Know, a book detailing the many secret strategies men use to thwart the progress of women.  The book explains why it can be so difficult for women to get what they deserve in their personal and professional lives: even in politics, even at the level of President of the United States.

Considering the way events are unfolding, it seems Mr. Spadoni was right on the money.  Women won the right to vote 87 years ago ­ and in that time have had only one viable major-party candidate.  Only one of nine Supreme Court Justices is a woman; in spite of all the talk about equality, women still earn considerably less than men who are performing the same job, across professions.

Now, for the first time in history, it seems that a female candidate ­
Hillary Clinton ­ has a solid chance of winning her party¹s primary.
However, that situation is quickly changing: a perfect counter-candidate has surfaced; one who is intelligent, charismatic, and black (a fact that might quickly deplete one of Hillary¹s precious electoral bases).

Already, several key demographics, including Hollywood megastars and youth, are jumping ship.  Do they know something we don¹t?

The fact is, the common refrain that ³Hillary is unelectable² is rooted in
something deeper than politics.

Men, as a whole, do not want a woman to be elected; so much so that it was almost inevitable that a nearly ³perfect² candidate would arrive on the scene.  Men, as Mr. Spadoni explains, operate in powerful networks that work together, even without formal meetings.  They work across parties, races, cultures and professions when it comes to stopping women personally and professionally, particularly when it comes to key positions.  Men operate with an entire arsenal of marketing strategies, networking abilities, and other tricks that they develop and use: and of which women are mostly unaware.

Doubt it? Consider this: 87% of people say they want a woman president YET almost 60% say that the country is not ready to elect a woman president.

This idea ­ that a woman as qualified as Hillary, even ­ is unelectable, is
so prevalent that people from both sexes use (or follow it) without even
realizing that they are.

Where did women go wrong?  Spadoni argues that this trend is based on marketing strategies, networking abilities and other tricks of the trade that men develop and use, and of which women are often unaware.

In his groundbreaking, nonpolitical book, What Men Don't Want You To Know, Stefano Spadoni details the strategies that all men use, and why it is so difficult for women to get what they deserve (even when it comes to running for President.)  The book also explains how women can turn the tide in their favor. Stefano is a noted Italian author, successful women-focused career coach and has been a featured teacher at the Learning Annex.  An inspiring and passionate writer, Spadoni challenges readers to ask themselves hard questions and offers practical ways to achieve true success and prosperity.

Additional information about Stefano Spadoni can be found on: <> .  He is available FREE of charge as a seminar teacher for charities and women¹s organizations.

For more information, contact Stefano Spadoni at (212) 956-8566.

For more information, contact:
Stefano Spadoni    (212) 956-8566