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Published:April 13th, 2007 08:25 EST
A Dramatic New TV Movie To Commemorate The 400th Anniversary

A Dramatic New TV Movie To Commemorate The 400th Anniversary

By SOP newswire

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA  - On April 29, 1607, chartered by The Virginia Company, three English ships landed on Cape Henry, Virginia, the first stop near what would become the first permanent English settlement in America.  As Captain John Smith and Vicar Robert Hunt set foot for the first time on Virginia soil, they set the flag of England in the sand naming it Cape Henry.  Further up the beach, they planted the Christian cross dedicating the New World in prayer.
This is the emotional and exhilarating story of First Landing, a one-hour docu-drama film from The Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) and Regent University.  First Landing will premiere on ABC Family on Monday, April 30 at 10 am ET/PT, during the daily “700 Club” time slot. (It will re-air 11 pm ET/PT that night.) Created to coincide with the 400th anniversary this April, First Landing is inspired by actual events and dramatically recreates the story of the voyage through the eyes of a child apprentice to the crew.  Befriended by Captain John Smith and Vicar Robert Hunt, Young Master Peacock recounts the amazing tales of adventure and significance that accompany the colonists as they cross the Atlantic and laid the spiritual foundation for America upon their landing.
At the heart of the film is Vicar Robert Hunt, who at a young age followed his father into the pastorate.  Hunt trained for ministry at Oxford and served in several parishes in rural England before being commissioned as chaplain by The Virginia Company.  Viewers will get an intimate look into the life of this passionate man and his relationships with his family and fellow journeymen. Most importantly, viewers will understand the spiritual significance of his covenant in dedicating the New World to God.
Says Michael Little, Executive Producer of the film, and President and Chief Operating Officer of CBN, “We are fortunate to have available the log book of the ships and records of the Jamestown Colony as well as the writings and books of those expedition organizers in England like Richard Hakluyt.  The exact words Hunt uttered that morning have been lost to history, but the spirit of his prayer and the covenant he established still resonate today.  Four hundred years later, as our nation looks back on the momentous anniversary of the founding of Jamestown colony, it is time to reflect on the spirit that infused the first landing and remember that the covenant sealed with Robert Hunt’s prayer remains equally relevant today.”
The making of First Landing was a major undertaking that involved a team made up of over 100 production professionals.  Filming took place from July – August 2006. The cinematography is stunning; filmed in High Definition by director of photography Bunt Young.  The beautifully shot sailing scenes were filmed in Delaware Bay using seventeenth century replica ships, as well as a life-sized reproduction of the storm deck shot in the CBN studios.  Scenes were also filmed at First Landing State Park, Fort Story Army Base, and Williamsburg.  First landing stars Guy Birtwhistle as Vicar Robert Hunt, Josh Adamson as Captain John Smith, and Stephen Blackhart as Edward Marie Wingfield.  Cristobal Krusen directed, with Michael Little and Dr. Lorene Wales as executive producers. The screenplay was written by Mike Sinclair and Cristobal Krusen, and inspired by CBN founder Pat Robertson. It is Pat Robertson, who, for over three decades, has been explaining the story of the planting of the cross on Virginia Beach by Robert Hunt and the prayer covenant he began.
Pat Robertson says, “First Landing tells the marvelous story of Robert Hunt with spectacular cinematography.  More importantly, it reveals that when Hunt planted that cross on America’s shores in 1607 his prayer became one of the defining moments in America’s history.”
First Landing will air on national television networks including the ABC Family Channel.  For more information, log on to .