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Published:April 18th, 2007 16:32 EST
Hats Off to Nancy Lee, Addition to SOP Editorial Staff!

Hats Off to Nancy Lee, Addition to SOP Editorial Staff!

By John Lillpop

Those in the family of writers here at SOP will be pleased to learn that the ever-positive Nancy Lee has joined the editorial staff at SOP.

Nancy is the tireless staff member who constantly works on behalf of young writers. Her energy, creativity, and experience are boundless when it comes to helping future writers, poets, and authors develop their skills at SOP.


Good grief, Nancy Lee is so full of energy she makes coffee nervous!

Describing Nancy's many extraordinary talents and qualities in detail would take up too much bandwidth so let me highlight what I believe to be her greatest gift.

The word is enthusiasm!

Nancy's positive, upbeat, Can Do! attitude is literally contagious, and is precisely what those starting out need.

A few encouraging words from Nancy Lee are normally loaded with enough positive karma to last aspiring young writers as least a week or two.

Positive karma has blessed all of us at SOP with another thoughtful and intelligent editor in the person of Nancy Lee.

Congratulations and hats off to Nancy!