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Published:May 8th, 2007 10:07 EST
Hostile interrogation. Secret surveillance. And if all else fails? Firing.

Hostile interrogation. Secret surveillance. And if all else fails? Firing.

By SOP newswire

Why does a typical day at Wal-Mart sound like a spy movie?

We all know that when Wal-Mart employees try to form a union, they face threats, intimidation, and even firing. And a shocking new report reveals they`re being followed, too " by the store`s own security cameras!

These revelations come just as Wal-Mart appoints Pat Curran as its new Executive Vice President of People " (that`s Wal-Mart whitewash-speak for Human Resources).  Let`s congratulate Curran on her promotion " and demand that she put an end to these tactics.

A new report from our friends at Human Rights Watch details just how far Wal-Mart will go to stop its employees from forming unions.  The report features incredible stories from employees like Terry Daly, whose job at a Wal-Mart in Arizona was to supposedly prevent shoplifting.  Instead, he was asked to turn security cameras on workers like Brad Jones, an employee with a spotless record whose only "crime` was trying to form a union:

Apparently, Wal-Mart is more interested in busting unions than preventing shoplifting.  Tell Wal-Mart to stop the spy games! 

Imagine the fear of trying to form a union under these conditions.  According to a South Carolina Wal-Mart employee interviewed in the report:  

That quote comes from one of the stores Pat Curran used to oversee. Which means Wal-Mart`s new Executive VP of People " knows all about unionbusting.

Tell Pat Curran congrats on her new corner office.  Then tell her to earn her new title " and stop treating her own people like the enemy.

Thanks for all that you do to support workers` rights!

Liz Cattaneo,
American Rights at Work