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Published:June 18th, 2007 10:00 EST
First Jason and FREAK13  and the HorrorHound Kick-Off Party

First Jason and FREAK13 and the HorrorHound Kick-Off Party

By Almas Records

HorrorHound Weekend (July 6-8/Indianapolis) promises to be this year`s biggest horror convention in the Midwest featuring celebrities ranging from Michael Biehn of Terminator and Aliens fame to the Candyman himself, Tony Todd to newcomer Daeg Faerch who plays young Michael Myers in the forthcoming Rob Zombie`s Halloween.

To set the tone for the weekend`s fright-filled festivities MK Magazine is hosting a kick-off party at the Melody Inn in Indianapolis Thurs. July 5 featuring the Creatures of Crystal Lake Tour`s First Jason and FREAK13 along with Bunny Wabbit and DJ J-Sin.

"MK Magazine`s Alex Zander was kind enough to host this event to celebrate the beginning of this amazing convention and we promise to bring a very entertaining show to Indianapolis and the Melody Inn," said First Jason vocalist Ari Lehman.

Lehman is also one of Horrorhound Weekend`s celebrity guests as he portrayed the very first incarnation of Jason Voorhees in Friday the 13th. His band First Jason celebrates his horror lineage with a wild mix of punk, metal and hardcore.

First Jason`s tour mates FREAK13 hail from the swamps of Southeast Texas and play horror metal they describe as in line with, "Black Sabbath, Iced Earth and Type O Negative."

The band has its own connection to the Friday the 13th franchise having been mentioned in commentary on the official boxed set, played the official 25th anniversary celebration in Hollywood in 2005 and collaborated with Mrs. Voorhees herself, Betsy Palmer on the band`s song "Crystal Lake".  (Palmer provided a narration for the song.)

"We`re honored to take part in this pre convention party with MK Magazine and celebrate what is certainly going to be a top notch horror convention. I`ve been to many of these conventions playing with FREAK13 and just as a fan and know the guest list and level of detail paid attention to by the HorrorHound people is top notch," Moore said.

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