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Published:September 14th, 2007 14:19 EST
Has Your Rep. Signed onto the Showdown Against Bush's Plans for Iraq?

Has Your Rep. Signed onto the Showdown Against Bush's Plans for Iraq?

By SOP newswire


Dear Judyth Piazza,

The Congressional Progressive Caucus has drafted a letter to make clear to the President they will not fund any U.S. Military Operation in Iraq Except for Fully-Funded Redeployment and to Protect Our Troops While that Operation is in Progress. Already, 76 House members have joined the showdown with the White House.

Has your Representative signed? Find out who represents you here and then check our list to make sure they have taken action against Bush`s plans for Iraq.

YES! My Representative has signed onto the Showdown.
We`d like you to acknowledge them with a thank-you and ask them to put pressure on their colleagues to do the same.

NO! My Representative is Not in Touch with the American People.
Let those who have NOT signed know that you want them to stand up to Bush and get our troops out of Iraq.

With the rhetoric surrounding the testimony of Gen. Petraeus, in the media and from the White House, it is vital your Representative knows where you stand on the Iraq occupation. This targeted action lets your Representative know that supporting this complete re-deployment of our troops out of Iraq is both a moral decision and politically advantageous one.

You commit your time and resources to Peace Action; we want to keep you updated on actions that will have an impact on U.S. policy on the issues most important to you. With 76 Congressional Members and countless other organizations behind this action we believe this will have an impact.

Last month over 9,000 of you signed a petition against the U.S. weapons deal to the Middle East. We brought your demands to Representatives influential in policy toward Israel and other countries in the region. We`re still collecting so if you haven`t yet done so " sign today.

Show your support for the work we do for you by voting for us in the Peace Primary.


Kevin Martin
Executive Director
Peace Action