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Published:September 20th, 2007 11:39 EST
Help expose the Alaska wolf massacre

Help expose the Alaska wolf massacre

By SOP newswire

When people think of Alaska, they think of its amazing wildlife and natural beauty. But Alaska has a terrible secret: Each year, the state permits private citizens to chase down and kill dozens of wolves using low-flying aircraft and high-powered rifles.

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and anti-wolf officials in the state have worked hard to obscure the truth about the aerial gunning program, even going so far as to earmark $400,000 in state funds to “educate” Alaskans about the state’s baseless aerial gunning program.

Help us expose Alaska’s secret slaughter. Watch Defenders’ new video online right now and urge Governor Palin to end aerial gunning of wolves.

Warning: This video contains disturbing footage of aerial wolf hunts -- wolves shot down from above, chased to exhaustion and wounded and left to die. If you would prefer to take action without watching the video, please click here.

These are awful images, made all the more so by how senseless the aerial gunning programs are. Under the guise of “wolf management,” state officials set arbitrary goals for the number of wolves to be killed and turn thrill-seeking aerial hunters loose on Alaska’s native wolves.

In the process, the state is flouting a 1972 federal law outlawing aerial hunting and disregarding the majority of Alaska voters, who have twice rejected aerial hunting by private hunters and pilots.

Over the past four years, nearly 700 wolves have been killed under the program. And, if last year is any indication, state officials will be gunning for hundreds more once aerial gunning begins again later this fall.

Learn the truth about Alaska’s aerial gunning program and help put and end to the brutal and unfounded killing of these majestic predators.

Another appalling season of aerial hunting is about to begin. I hope you’ll take just a few moments out of your day to help us turn the national spotlight on this awful practice and save wolves.

Rodger Schlickeisen
Defenders of Wildlife

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