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Published:November 5th, 2007 06:19 EST offers striking writers a unique outlet for their work

By SOP newswire offers striking writers a unique outlet for their work

Writers have a new outlet for their unpublished works.  NewFiction ( is a new, free publishing service that offers a variety of books, stories and novels on the web.

The site is uniquely positioned to help writers affected by the just-announced strike by the Writers’ Guild of America.  “If this strike is anything like the last major writers’ strike in 1988 which lasted five months, making ends meet may be a challenge for many writers,” says the founder of NewFiction. “New Fiction is pleased to provide independent writers with a distribution platform through which to showcase their unpublished works in front of 240 million Internet users.   At the same time, NewFiction provides a forum through which writers can network with their peers.” 

New Fiction is the premiere online resource for the latest fiction.  Via a user-friendly web interface, writers submit their unpublished work.  Subscribers then opt to receive the stories in one of two ways:  They can choose to receive the stories in either serialized free text or free audio formats; or, they can purchase the story outright, thereby creating a revenue stream for the author. 

“Many independent writers have their dream stories or books they’ve always wanted to publish.  As they wait for the strike to end, now is an opportune time for them to put this work directly in front of a community of eager readers,” says NewFiction’s founder. 

About NewFiction: 

NewFiction is a free publishing service that offers a variety of books, stories and novels on the web. Destined to be the premier resource for the serialization and electronic dissemination of fiction, New Fiction will revolutionize publishing by:

  • Enabling subscribers to electronically access an extensive selection of books and novels in serialized text or audio formats.

  • Finding talented authors and writers and developing unpublished or unrepresented literature.

  • Providing a distribution platform that enables unpublished authors and writers to make their stories available to an every-expanding audience via the Internet, cell phone networks, IPODs and other electronic devices. 

Media Contact:  Cindy Kazan



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