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Published:November 27th, 2007 06:06 EST
Expert in Fundraising Exposes Churches Myths about Giving in New Book

Expert in Fundraising Exposes Churches Myths about Giving in New Book

By SOP newswire

There are 7 common myths about giving that virtually every church in America (Evangelical, Catholic, Protestant alike) perpetuates. These myths are roadblocks to generous living and giving. In this new book, Dr. McSwain, expert in philanthropy and fundraising with more than a decade of experience consulting with churches of every denomination, exposes these myths, explains why they have contributed to the decline in giving in most churches, and offers a practical suggestions on how to create a more generous church. The book is highly endorsed by virtually every denomination in America.


This book bravely challenges both professional religious leaders and laypersons to do what Jesus commanded and give themselves and everything they have to Him. This wonderful book is readable...full of real-life examples and should be gladly welcomed in all Christian communions.

- Robert L. Cargill, LL.D., CFRE, Chairman
Cargill Associates, Inc.
Fort Worth, Texas

Dr. McSwain has garnered more than three decades of experience to write a timely and practical book... a 'must read.'.....Dr. McSwain's writing style is enjoyable and his applied principles Biblically sound and practically astute.

- Dr. Gil McKee, Senior Pastor
First Baptist Church
Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Quite simply, Steve McSwain is a miracle worker. Not only does he have that rare gift of inspiring others to be more generous than they dreamed possible, but he gives others the satisfying sense of belonging deeply to God and God's plans. The biblical spirituality from which he derives his convictions and insights makes him one of the most qualified guides to churches today.

- Fr. Jerome P. Kaywell, Pastor
Sacred Heart Catholic Church
Punta Gorda, Florida

Steve's passion for this topic is unsurpassed. He rightly understands that the effectiveness of the Christian church is tightly bound to the proper understanding and practice of financial stewardship. I pray that God will use this book to open many hearts, minds and wallets so that God's work may prosper in ways that we can only imagine now.

- David Bowersox, Business Manager and Treasurer
Upper Arlington Lutheran Church
Columbus, Ohio

Steve McSwain brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the topic of excellent job of melding biblical principles of giving with practical application.

- Curt C. Farmer, Senior Vice President and Wealth Management Director Wachovia Bank While not for the faint of heart, those who follow these practical guidelines...will be blessed beyond their imaginings. Dr. McSwain's discussion of the divinely- designed flow of the universe is brilliant and right on target...A great read and one that might just change your life.

- Kristine Miller, Director of Stewardship and Planned Giving
The Episcopal Diocese of Michigan Steve McSwain effectively debunks the myths that pervade our materialistic culture and reveals the true joy found in generous giving. You will benefit from reading this book.

- Paul L. Larsen, Senior Pastor
Christ the King Lutheran Church
New Brighton, Minnesota

Dr. McSwain is a gifted leader in helping people see how material resources can make the giver's life worth living.

- Roger Rominger, Senior Pastor
First United Methodist Church
Springfield, Illinois

Steve McSwain has provided a definition of life that challenges the most ostentatious aspects of our culture. This is an invitation to everyone to experience the fullness of life and faith through giving...a compelling read both critical and affirming at the same time.

- Larry R. Hayward, Senior Pastor
Westminster Presbyterian Church
Alexandria, Virginia

Kudos to Dr. McSwain for having the courage to write this timely and much needed book. Every person who is serious about finding enrichment and fulfillment in their remaining years will want to read this book.

- Dr. C. E. Jackson, III, Senior Pastor
First Baptist Church
Lenoir City, Tennessee

A challenging, insightful and enlightening read, from an experienced leader calling others to reflect upon their giving patterns.

- Fr. John Auer
St. Paul Catholic Church
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Dr. McSwain is the original "mythbuster." He understands the church. He understands finances and stewardship. The beauty of this book is Steve's ability to bring the two together in a way that's non- threatening and understandable. This book is a must read...

- Dr. Glen S. Martin, Senior Pastor
Journey of Faith Church
Manhattan Beach, California

One of the most difficult tasks in life is to "walk the walk and talk the talk." Steve McSwain has done both. This book reflects a journey of experiences in which McSwain offers witness to the deep joy he has found in giving. His faith and experience in giving offer rich lessons for us all.

- Rev. Dr. Susan A. Patterson-Sumwalt, Senior Pastor
United Methodist Church of Whitefish Bay
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

...a book I wish all of my church members would read...I loved the book. It will help people no matter how spiritually mature they are.

- Dr. Ron Churchill, Senior Pastor
First Baptist Church
Plant City, Florida

Dr. McSwain provides powerful and practical tools that will lead to personal and corporate financial transformation. Through wonderful insight and real stories, the reader is led to the joys experienced in true spiritual generosity. Dr. McSwain's personal transparency is especially gripping and instructive, as he models his message.

- Rev. Greg McGarvey, Senior Pastor
Carmel United Methodist Church
Carmel, Indiana

The connection between the will of God and the heart of people in the area of giving is vital. McSwain knows this and helps us see it exceptionally well. Lots of people tell me "you have to read" this or that book. I'm glad I read this one.

- Dr. Paul Ulring, Senior Minister
Upper Arlington Lutheran Church
Columbus, Ohio

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