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Published:December 14th, 2007 17:24 EST
Will Roberts, America's Modern Day Will Rogers Hits the TV/Radio Trail

Will Roberts, America's Modern Day Will Rogers Hits the TV/Radio Trail

By SOP newswire

"A difference of opinion is what makes horseracing and missionaries."                  -Will Rogers
"When it comes to opinions, all I know is what I read and see on the Internet."    
               -- America's modern day Will Rogers
Will Roberts, America's favorite cowboy humorist, hits the radio and TV trail as he sets the airwaves ablaze, while promoting his new book, Will Roberts Wrangles America-- that will hit shelves early 2008.

Recently, Roberts appeared on the popular sports talk show, T. Woods Sports Show on 1490 AM, Vero Beach, FL.

"We've had celebrities from every aspect of sports on our show, but Will was definitely the first trick roping, gun slinging bull rider we've ever had.   Just think about it, he got to kick it with Beyonce," said Todd Wood.   

While on the T. Woods Sports Show, Roberts shared some humorist anecdotes, as well as discussed Barry Bonds' recent fall from grace.

"Barry was an American icon and he let a lot of people down. I only hope now that he will come clean so Major League Baseball can start to heal its wounds," said Roberts.    

 Roberts also dazzled listeners with his no-bull tales, one of which was how he wrangled hip-hop super diva Beyonce, as well as helping her tame his wild mechanical beast for her most recent music video.   

However, don't be fooled America-- this is one smart cowpoke, so book now and don't be left in the dust. There is a new dawn coming, and Roberts is calling for America to roundup and come together.  
Book Roberts now and be prepared to be roped in.


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