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Published:December 21st, 2007 06:47 EST
Finding Room for Love

Finding Room for Love

By SOP newswire

 Approximately 140,000 children are adopted by American families each year. But what history do these children hold? What type of families did they come from? Most orphan children long for a new home, but is it possible that some would rather not be adopted?

With an interesting twist, "A Penny Parcel", a new fiction release from author Avery E. Hitch [WinePress Publishing], places you in the shoes of a hopeless orphan who cannot find room to accept adoption. Set in 1910, Luke Tanner, an upstanding social icon seeks to adopt Ashley, an abused orphan who neither wants him for her daddy nor wishes to leave the security of the orphanage institution where her secret past is concealed. Cheaply labeled by society as a "penny parcel," Ashley is disregarded as worthless. Her hopeless inability to live up to Luke's standard of performance and her tainted perception of family dynamics isolates Ashley from all attempts of rescue.

Waging war in their own personal battlefields, Luke and Ashley's worlds collide and the conflicts initiate a sovereign tragedy. Fighting against every conceivable pressure, inside and out and his own misconception of truth, the acquisition of Ashley has a price much higher than Luke is willing to pay.

The drama of Luke's struggle with pride and position, and the tragic conflict with the little girl he has promised to his wife, brings unexpected circumstances and shatters his world. The author's intriguing turn of characterization provides the dynamics to impact virtually every main character in the story, giving the reader an undeniable grip on the grace and sovereignty of God.

Can little Ashley reach freedom from her past? Can she accept the love of a new family? Can Ashley forgive or will bitterness, anger, and resentment triumph? "A Penny Parcel" will ignite compassion in the hearts of readers and inspire them to overcome their own struggles through love.

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