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Published:January 18th, 2008 10:08 EST
Child Abduction Statistics, How the Saudi Arabia Family Plays A Role

Child Abduction Statistics, How the Saudi Arabia Family Plays A Role

By SOP newswire is on a mission of respecting US family values over profits to Saud family Washington retainers.
Prince Bandar and now fledgling associate and self professed "commoner" Adel Jubair have been the Saud family Washington bagmen of choice for decades. The Saud family has been given every imaginable comfort by their Washington retainers. Saud family members are free from prosecution of US law, allowed to circumvent customs and immigration.

The World has seen glimpses of these above-the-US-law advantages only fleetingly, the most noticeable being when the Bush family allowed the Saud family and their associates to avoid FBI interrogation after 9/11. The most heinious perk given the Saud family is the ability to kidnap US children. Again, this was briefly exposed by Congressmen Dan Burton's Subcommittee hearings. At least one Congresswoman cried as she heard testimony from parents of Saud family kidnappings. Committee members expressed anger when Saud family retainers refused to come before the Committee, especially what is known as the "torture/kidnap lobbyists". has received confidential information from many familiar with the Saud family procedure from the initial kidnapping of high end unblemished US middle class children, harvesting, transporting, processing, new identity conditioning within the Saud family palaces and resale after use. These boys and girls are used for the prince's personal sexual satisfaction as well as for guests at his parties, some of which have been Washington dignitaries. Several Saud family princesses who have become disgusted not only at this prince's behavior but also at the Saud family Washington retainers who profit from this behavior has assisted us. The World has just found both the Clinton and Bush families had secretly received more than $10,000,000 for their respective Presidential libraries from the Saud family. Cocaine addicted Ambassador Prince Bandar personally put a new Jaguar gift in the driveway of former Secretary of State Colin Powell's estate. has these and other documented revelations, some given by confidential reliable Saud family sources. We have collected some of the Christian names of the kidnapped US boys and girls within the Saud family palaces. is assisting those US parents who have had their children disappear.