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Published:January 23rd, 2008 08:13 EST
United States Government has been compromised by a foreign Government

United States Government has been compromised by a foreign Government

By SOP newswire

Under the current administration the United States
Government has been compromised by a foreign Government.

The terrorist that the current administration was looking
for was Al-Qaida and as far as the World knew the terrorist Al-Qaida were in Afghanistan not in Baghdad Iraq.

The war was not in Baghdad Iraq that was old business
that was made new business because Iraq had missiles that could reach counties in range of 400 miles. There were no weapons of mass destruction other than some new missiles that the Russians helped build by providing parts and the guiding systems to Iraq to help protect them form Iran because Iran was working on its own missile system to attack Iraq. The truth is the attack on Iraq was done for Isreal.

The current administration used the excuse that there are
weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and then when it was discovered by the World that the United States was wrong it became the war for the freedom of the Iraq people.

The Republicans and the Democrats have sold out the American People by allowing your jobs to be sent over sea's to foreign Country's. If the American People do not change course soon and establish a new Government by Electing new faces and people that can be trusted the United States Has no Future!

Who is really in charge in Washington D.C., some other
Country may be in charge the way things look.

Is this the real reason that CBS is in trouble for a braking news story on Israel.

The Zionist is in control of the Elections in theUnited States and they said so, read below. People should be asking the Clinton's what they think about Israel and the War and when will it end. I just forgot if they say the wrong thing they can't get Elected and that's true just read below!

Let there be no mistake the Clinton's have been chosen by the New York Zionist to be the next President's of America . The agreement was made many years ago.

Al Gore and John Kerry both won their Elections the Zionist cheated in New Hampshire and Nevada the Zionist represent the Clinton's and the answers are below in the words of the Zionist on how they manipulate and cheat!  Remember All Zionist Are Not Bad!

The Zionist intelligence agency knew on 911 what was going to happen and let it happen to get the United States into a war in the Middle East.

Stay tuned for the story why the Zionist took out Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The Zionist put Ronald Reagan in office back in 1980 and they said so below! 

They rule both parties and the Clinton's according to the Zionist Jews below!

Remember All Zionist Jews Are Not Bad!