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Published:January 30th, 2008 12:07 EST
Course in stock trading offered free to 50 students

Course in stock trading offered free to 50 students

By SOP newswire

EWI will be accepting a limited number of applications to participate in the Blue Sierra Trading System we are considering offering to Protégé students. To test this program, we are inviting our top 50 stock students into this program on a 30-day-free-trial basis. Everyone is encouraged to apply (instructions below).

What is this Trading System?

We have been introduced to a new and intriguing stock trading program called the Blue Sierra Trading System. This system produces a daily signal generated by a complex market analysis software. This system predicts whether the market will go up or down on any given day based on patterns of human behavior. Once you enroll, you will receive this daily signal on your personal Blue Sierra website. The best part about this program is that you only spend 5 minutes per day making your trades.

What Does this Program Include?

Interactive Training CD
Explains how over 1000 complex algorithms and co-relational formulas have been developed and used to successfully predict whether the market is going to go up or down on any given day. If you know that, you have an incredible likelihood of making a fortune.

Access to Our Members-Only Website
Free 30-Day Subscription to our 'members only,' password-protected trading site where our daily signals are posted at 3:55 EST.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

• If, for one year, you were given the extraordinary privilege of being a "Fly-on-the-Wall," in the office of Warren Buffet, how much would your wealth increase?
• Could you become a multi-millionaire in that one-year period?
• Are you generating less than 15% returns on your current investments?

If so, you have never seen or heard about any wealth-generating program like this EVER before! Many Millionaires create and/or increase their fortunes in the Stock Market; however, investing in the Market can be complex and volatile.

You will only have ONE CHANCE to take advantage of this no-charge 30-day program, and there are some qualifications we will require for the 50 students to be involved.

Here are some more important details you need to know before you decide to apply to be part of this special testing group:

• This program will start on Monday, February 11th and will end on Tuesday, March 11th.
• You MUST be an active trader and agree to paper trade actively during this 30-day period. This is so we can evaluate whether this will be a valuable program to our students in the long term. Paper trading will ensure you have NOTHING to lose!
• This program will consist of a website you will be using to track your investments and to give you the information to make successful trades. This means you must have a computer and internet access available to you.
• Two weekly classes will be held throughout the 30-day period to teach and assist members with their trades. They will be on Monday and Thursday at 5pm Pacific Time.
• You will be required to submit a survey to evaluate the program after the 30-day period so we can decide whether this is a valuable program to our students.
• You will be required to sign and fax back a disclaimer to our Training Department
• You MUST be active on the Millionaire Hall of Fame.
• You MUST Enroll in the February 11th 90-Day Challenge and track your trading activities there.
• You MUST be willing to submit your success story on the Millionaire Hall of Fame, and it may be used for marketing purposes.

Applying For This Program

We are accepting applications for this 30-day stock program immediately. All students are encouraged to apply if they are interested.

If you agree to the commitments listed above and wish to submit your application to be part of this testing group, please email the following information to

1. Full Name
2. Email Address
3. Current Address
4. Best phone number to contact you
5. Explain how much and what type of investing experience you have, and how long you have been actively trading

Friday, February 1st is the last day we'll be taking applications for this testing program. 

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