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Published:February 2nd, 2008 06:32 EST
911 is implausible, Our govt's story

911 is implausible, Our govt's story

By SOP newswire

Elements in our U.S. Gov't purposely allowed September 11th to happen:

Hijacked airliners flew all around the eastern U.S. for hours without any military response???  How could Osama bin-Forgotten make our air force stand down, or did Dick Cheney do that???

The Pentagon was struck by a "hijacked" airliner 45 minutes after two other "hijacked" airliners struck the WTC, without the airliner being intercepted, approached, chased, or even seen by our air defenses?
The Gov't still refuses to release clear video of whatever happened at the Pentagon to this day, six years later???  Why???

The massive WTC-7 building was 350 feet from the nearest tower, was not hit by a plane, yet it imploded in a controlled demolition at 5:20 pm???  It housed many gov't offices, & the over-insured owner said the building was "pulled."  Why???

The Bush/Cheney regime is using 9/11 as a pretext to brazenly subvert our U.S. Constitution, launch illegal invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq, (Iran?),  & grant themselves dictatorial powers here at home!  They have committed high treason & must be impeached & imprisoned while we still have the Bill of Rights!

I urge everyone to watch "Loose Change" free on the web for proof that 9/11 was a "false-flag" attack!  Also Google terms like "911 truth" &

visit  &  &  other patriotic, resistance sites!

Source: Tom Jefferson