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Published:February 8th, 2008 08:16 EST
Floridian Tax Dollars funneled to Planned Parenthood

Floridian Tax Dollars funneled to Planned Parenthood

By SOP newswire

By Chuck Winn

I am very concerned that Children`s Services Councils all over Florida are giving millions of tax-payer dollars to fund Planned Parenthood programs.  The justification is that their objectives are to prevent teen age pregnancy, HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases; and that they offer certain women`s preventative health services.  There is a need for local government to proactively address these problems.  However,  it is totally unacceptable to subsidize the nation`s premiere abortion provider to impose their secular progressive solutions on all of us.

My concern as a tax payer is that these Children`s Services Councils have exceeded their basic charter of protecting and assisting neglected, abused and needy children and are now double spending on problem areas more appropriate for public health professionals.   Their public funds subsidize salaries for additional Planned Parenthood staff members to coordinate such programs as "ARMS", "Teen Time", "La Promesa" and "Teen Time After School".  The HIV prevention, family planning and women`s preventative health services offered with these programs are already available through local health departments.   Additionally, the subsidized Planned Parenthood employees are free to also engage in that organization`s main mission of providing and advocating for abortions.

I realize that the responsibility for terminating these Planned Parenthood public subsidies rests locally,  However, many Children`s Services Councils will seek supplemental funding for their programs from the legislature this session.  Your close examination of their annual budgets and asking how and where their grants to Planned Parenthood were spent to achieve program objectives can motivate Councils towards better stewardship of our tax dollars.  This is also an occasion to emphasize that out limited tax dollars can be better spent on adding more trained public health professionals to local health departments for real women`s health care services, than reimbursing the Councils for their subsidizing salaries of additional administrators for an abortion advocacy organization.  Ideally, the legislature will reduce any funds available for these Councils by the percentage of their annual budgets that went to Planned Parenthood last year.   This money can be better spent on legitimate health care for economically disadvantaged women through local health departments.

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