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Published:March 28th, 2008 05:30 EST
Heroes from Earth and the Universe join Judyth Piazza

Heroes from Earth and the Universe join Judyth Piazza

By Nancy Lee Wolfe (HR Development/Content Manager)

Rarely do we have occasion to sit and chat with a genuine, American hero; but, Judyth Piazza found a way to bring Brigadier General Stan E. Brown to American Perspective along with galactic Serenity super star, Ron Glass-- both to an AM radio near you.  What a coup-- two dear super-stars who graciously share their thoughts and their experiences with us.

Spend time discovering what it takes to be a Brigadier General.  Can you imagine?  The esteemed Stan E. Brown recounts his steps from his early struggles to find himself at the time when he found his destiny.  Considering a career in the military?  If so, don`t miss the experience of one who has traveled that road.  You`ll be both endeared and fascinated.

Fascinated?  Jump from terra firma to celestial imagination when Judy welcomes actor Ron Glass to American Perspective.  Many may fondly remember Ron in his ground-breaking roll on Barney Miller` as the quick-thinking, tongue-in-cheek detective serving his constantly compassionate boss, Detective Miller.  Yet, this was just the way we discovered the captivating actor.  Ron Glass has gone from the precinct to predicament and we love him all the more for his travels.

It is no exception that Judyth Piazza brings the best of both the earth and outer worlds to American Perspective.  Saturday morning, 10:30, May 29 is no exception.  Muster yourself to full attention and join Judy and her stars on WTTB 1490 AM.  You`ll enjoy your shot of courage, vision and inspiration.

For more information about The American Perspective Radio Program, contact Judyth Piazza at