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Published:April 2nd, 2008 09:28 EST
'In Lies We Trust'

'In Lies We Trust'

By SOP newswire

Important Disclaimer-- The following might change the way you see this world. How Big Drug Companies and Government push through their Propogandas in order to profit from it. You are urged to spread the word for the benefit of Mankind. Signed - Edmund Ng

You have been warned...

The moment I saw the information, my whole life turned around. It all started via a video featuring Obama's pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright cursing and swearing against the American Government. Well, that was just one side of the story. I got hold of the full video and read it word for word. Rev. Wright was alleging that the Government of America back then had created the Aids Virus for Ethnic Cleasing of the Africans!

I googled it...and the rest is history. I'll try to stay neutral about things. You tell me your thoughts at my blog:

See This Video About The Creation of Aids
AIDS: White Supremacist Plot? (Part 1)

AIDS: White Supremacist Plot? (Part 2)

This is just the tip of the Ice Berg!

In 1900, on average only one person died of Cancer. In 2000, 1 in 4 died of cancer. I used to think it was the food we consumed, the air we breathed and the water we drank. Now, I see things in a different dimension.

What if Aids was created in labs?
What if Ebola was created in labs?
What if Bird Flu was created in labs?
What if SARS Virus was created in labs?
What if Leukemia was created in labs?
What if CANCER causing viruses were created in LABS!!!

You've got to see these videos. I salute the team with Dr. Leonard Horrowitz that created the following videos. There's only 8000 views now. People need to see it because it affects you, me, your family, my family and everyone!

If you don't see the videos below, you could die with regrets not knowing how it hit you. Have you wondered why kids are getting all these deadly diseases even at a young age? I've said enough, just watch the videos and make sure you finish all 16 of them!

In Lies We Trust - Dr. Leonard Horrowitz

Part 1 =>
Part 2 =>
Part 3 =>
Part 4 =>
Part 5 =>
Part 6 =>
Part 7 =>
Part 8 =>
Part 9 =>
Part 10 =>
Part 11 =>
Part 12 =>
Part 13 =>
Part 14 =>
Part 15 =>
Part 16 =>

Source: Edmund Ng
CEO, President