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Published:April 3rd, 2008 10:13 EST
'Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed' and Mike Huckabee

'Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed' and Mike Huckabee

By SOP newswire

Until now, Mike Huckabee has had to stand alone as the major politician willing to speak out against the ongoing attack on Academic Freedom in our nation`s schools. Now it is getting even worse - highly credentialed scientists and teachers are being intimidated, denied tenure and even fired for questioning aspects of neo- Darwinian evolution theory! The promotion of neo-Darwinian theory to the exclusion of all others is fast making it a virtual state-sponsored religion in America: atheism. Our country`s majority has had no voice, and no way to voice their opposition to Big Science`s relentless suppression of Academic Freedom in our schools.

But on April 18th in movie theaters across our country, Ben Stein`s "EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed" gives every American the chance to vote against Big Science`s hijacking of Academic Freedom in our schools.

Click Here to see Governor Huckabee`s endorsement of this controversial new film. 

Click Here to tour the "EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed" website.

Join governor Huckabee`s fight by voting with your feet: go see EXPELLED in a theater near you on Friday, April 18th.

If you see only one movie this year " see EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed."

From all of us at Redeem the Vote.

Dr. Randy Brinson, MD, Chairman, RTV

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