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Published:April 15th, 2008 09:54 EST
Judyth Piazza helps stop 'Pain at the Pump'

Judyth Piazza helps stop 'Pain at the Pump'

By SOP newswire

Dear Judyth,

What a response! Thanks to your overwhelming feedback, our "Pain at the Pump" campaign was a huge success. Within a few hours, thousands upon thousands of you voiced your outrage over skyrocketing gas prices.

Thank you for telling George Bush, Dick Cheney, and Big Oil what you think of having to pay $4.00 a gallon at the pump.

Check out the map and see what others like you are saying and paying!

Jim from California, a DCCC Supporter and Veteran of both the Korean and Vietnam Wars, voiced his outrage about paying $3.34 at a military base in California and the Bush/Cheney Big Oil conglomerates, "They've made enough profits for 1,000 lifetimes."

For those of you like Jim who already voiced your outrage, thank you -- now spread the word to your friends and family. If you haven't yet made your voice heard -- please check out our map and tell us what you're paying at the pump.

Last week, AAA reported that gas prices surged to a new all-time record high. Did we expect anything different from an Administration that holds secret meetings with Big Oil and tells middle class families that their voices don't matter?

We're in this mess thanks to George Bush and Dick Cheney letting Halliburton write America's energy policies.

But thanks to you, Judyth, the party is ending for George Bush and Big Oil. We're sending the clearest possible message that all of the shadowy special interest Big Oil money in the world won't buy them a third term of their failed energy policies for America.


Rep. Chris Van Hollen

P.S. Let's keep up the fight. Right now, John McCain is mobilizing his loyal Republican allies in Congress to get their Rubber Stamps ready for 100 more years and trillions more dollars in Iraq. Please send a generous gift to make sure they never get the chance.