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Published:April 18th, 2008 09:34 EST
Judyth Piazza Pays Tribute with Island Beauty Dawn Wells and the late Yolanda King

Judyth Piazza Pays Tribute with Island Beauty Dawn Wells and the late Yolanda King

By Nancy Lee Wolfe (HR Development/Content Manager)

Judy`s ladder to success led her to appreciate the great women who have inspired and motivated her.  Saturday`s American Perspective is a tribute to all women who keep believing and keep pressing past problems.

First, Dawn Wells shares some private moments with us.  This stunningly beautiful actress who delighted us as Mary Ann Summers on Gilligan`s Island " has seen her share of challenge and victory.  Smart and professional, Dawn has helped many young hopefuls learn the business of making films.  If Independent Film Makers have a friend, they call her Dawn Wells.

Idaho Film Institute,, is her brainchild and you can catch the hottest potato in the business boost passion and energy, preparation and determination.  After all, if you`re lucky enough to catch your dream, you`ll want to make sure you love living that dream.

Of course, like Judy, Dawn would tell you that among her heroes is the late Yolanda King.  You will find it remarkable to hear the harmony of successful people.  Who influences us?  Who challenges us?  Who do we challenge or encourage?  Yolanda had her memories hidden in her heart from where they shine for us, even now, and help light the way for others who face loss and exclusion.  Embracing Unity is the undercurrent of her every endeavor.  Peace and empowerment are realities that this remarkable woman wanted for us all.

Join Judy as she celebrates the lives and careers of women who have paved the way with hope, wisdom and tough tenderness 10:30, Saturday morning, April 18th, on AM radio WTTB 1490.

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