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Published:June 4th, 2008 19:56 EST
 The World's First Main Stream Media Outlet Founded by Students Now Ready to Run with the Big Boys

The World's First Main Stream Media Outlet Founded by Students Now Ready to Run with the Big Boys

By SOP newswire

Vero Beach, FL "News, commentary, and entertainment are finally available in one place with the Student Operated Press launching its totally new and refurbished web site. Whether you are a political buff or music fan, is the address you must bookmark.


While by no means as formal as the New York Times and other traditional news organizations, the Student Operated Press (SOP) offers no less information and fun. Launched in 2005, the website is a true child of the 21st Century with its contents upgraded around the clock. Never politically correct, always precise and up-to-date "that`s the goal SOP staffers try to meet every day.


With some 300 writers scattered around the world, the SOP bids fare to become a major Internet presence. I believe that the SOP will be in the top one hundred most visited news sources on the web within the next three years, says Judyth Piazza, the founder and CEO of the portal. Within less than three years, the SOP has won many faithful readers whose numbers often exceed 300,000 per month.


The SOP is one of the few places where young journalists can realize their dreams and ambitions under the careful eye of experienced professionals. In these days of media concentration nothing is needed more than the kind of independent alternative medium The SOP is giving young journalists as they find their voices in this new and fast-changing milieu," says Del Marbrook, an acclaimed writer and editor who now helps his younger colleagues polish their articles.


In the shared opinion of many, the SOP is the answer to the demands of the present century. While the official press is hung up on a view of the Internet as an adjunct, the SOP operates in the burgeoning world of the Internet, looking forward to breathtaking innovation as opposed to seeking synergies that become outmoded the minute they are institutionalized," says Marbrook.


This week the SOP has received a new design. Light white, blue, and red colors dominate the web site, making it comprehensible and easy to maneuver for Internet users of all ages and experience. With an advanced search engine, powered by Google, the SOP also offers easy access to other treasure troves of the world wide web. This new tool makes a perfect home page for everyone.


Apart from being a news source, the SOP is a great community of people who share love for journalism and the Internet. Says Del Marbrook, "It has been a great privilege to carry on a dialogue with young journalists the world over. I would infinitely rather do it than be a paid instructor in the service of received ideas."


About Judyth Piazza


Judyth Piazza is an award-winning journalist who contributes to various newspapers, magazines and websites. In 2005 she founded the Student Operated Press as a place that would bring information from around the world. One journalist from her native Florida said, "Judyth Piazza is one of those imaginative people of boundless energy who change the world one day at a time."

Judyth Piazza can be reached at: