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Published:June 11th, 2008 18:46 EST
Gothic Artist Glenn James Goes Global

Gothic Artist Glenn James Goes Global

By SOP newswire2

Fans of the work of Gothic Artist and Writer Glenn James are in for a treat on the Internet, as he has recently launched a brand new website showcasing his dark work.

The new website, whose address is, effectively replaces the old "Skaler Website" at

Built by his Business Partner and Wife Angela James, the new website picks up the baton from their earlier Internet presence, and provides a wholly new insight into the artist`s work. The earlier site was mainly devoted to Glenn`s Skaler artwork, concerning his illustrated novel about a young vampire and his fight against the Evil Prince Germane, but the new one is a far more comprehensive work.

Amongst Mr. James many endevours it profiles his illustration work as the artist developing the American Comic Book project The Reluctant Ghost Hunter, with Florida based journalist Judyth Piazza. It also details his illustrations for the darkly speculative Murky Depths, and his first contribution to the controversial Trespass Magazine, (sister publication to The London Magazine, and based in the city.)

By way of completeness, the site has sections devoted to his earlier work in Radio and as a Courtroom Reporter covering criminal cases (during which time he undertook a number of Commissions for members of the Bar), as well as sections on his technique and style.

"It`s been an enormous project for us," said Mr. James, 38, of St. John`s, Worcester, "and it`s an understatement of phenomenal proportions to say that it`s taken quite a bit of work! Angela has absolutely surpassed herself, and I am rather standing in awe of what she has achieved. The old site only really focused on Skaler, and we wanted to give a good comprehensive cross-section of how my work is developing, as I have a hell of a lot on the go nowadays! It was only when we came to build this that we realised quite how much we have in hand! It`s a good solid site, easily navigable, and one you can dip in and out of as suits your fancy, so we hope that everyone who is interested in my work will find it enjoyable."

"These things are always developing, and we decided that rather than redesign the old site we would go for an entirely new approach. We haven`t previously had the luxury of a Forum or a Guestbook, which are integral parts of the new site, and there is now a News Page where we can keep everyone updated as to developments with my projects. It really looks fantastic, and I think it`s taken us light years ahead in terms of showcasing my work. I think it`s an extraordinary achievement, in only 9 weeks from an absolutely standing start, and it`s confirming proof to me that Angela is secretly a high level graduate of Hogwarts".

The new website went online in late May and Glenn and Angela would welcome your views, so please visit the Guestbook and Forum.

Glenn James was raised in Birmingham, and is a Freelance Gothic Artist and Writer, Broadcaster and Journalist. A graduate of Wolverhampton University and Sutton College, he is the creator of Skaler, and the artist developing the American Comic Book series The Reluctant Ghost Hunter. Originally from Stoke on Trent, Angela is a Law Graduate working at Scaiff LLP in Worcestershire, and as well as being married to Mr. James she is his Business Partner, and manages the business. The couple lives in Worcestershire with their two year old daughter, Charlotte, who is showing evidence of a keen interest in painting and music.....

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