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Published:June 12th, 2008 14:10 EST 7 Whyte kids launch loving web site for you, dad 7 Whyte kids launch loving web site for you, dad

By SOP newswire

ATLANTA, GA-- Seven children, ranging in age from 4-17, are pleased to announce the launching of their new website, One of the middle children, Danita Whyte, age 13, led the pack and actually designed the website, as a tribute to their father, national best-selling author, Daniel Whyte III. is dedicated, not only to their father, but to the thousands of fathers around the world who love and sacrifice for their children and who know the value of spending quality and quantity time with their children.

It is their hope and prayer that this website will help be a voice for the thousands of other children who love and honor their fathers as well. The seven Whyte children: Daniella, Daniel IV, Danita, Danae`, Daniqua, Danyel, and Danyelle believe that the best gift that you can give your father is a personal note or letter from your heart. They and their father believe that those written words mean more to a father than anything that you can give him or do for him. Mrs. Meriqua Whyte, the wife of Daniel Whyte and the mother of all seven children, states: "This is truly a labor of love and out- pouring of affection from the hearts of these children for their father, and he is very much deserving of their love, honor, and respect because he is the most loving, caring, and attentive father that I have ever seen in my life. And his love is not always shown by praising them and giving them what they want, but admonishing them and chastising them when they are wrong."

Visit to find out ways your child can contribute to this special website in honor of his or her father.

The creators of this website are authors themselves: Danita (13), Danae`(11), Daniqua (9) and Danyelle (4) are the authors of the bestselling book (in the Girls Nonfiction category) The Virtuous Girl. Daniella (17) is the author of the new book The Girl God Wants. Daniel IV (15) and Danyel (6) are the authors of Letters to Young Boys. All seven children have been homeschooled since birth. All their books can be bought from or wherever fine books are sold. Distributed by STL.

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