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Published:November 23rd, 2009 23:30 EST
Judyth Piazza, Proprietor of Success

Judyth Piazza, Proprietor of Success

By SOP newswire

Judyth Piazza has the knack of knowing novel and creative ways to help her team reach the top.  With the new and sizzling SOP format, the Piazza Machine moves mountains. 


So, you want to write, do you?  You want to be heard, you say?  Imagine that.  Better yet, can you imagine knowing someone who wants to help you write and insists your thoughts are heard?  Meet Judyth Piazza who built The Student Operated Press to help you.  Yes, you.


Judy has opened even more sections (and opportunities) where you can submit your thoughts and opinions-- Opinion is one of the newest.  Plus, popular demand persuaded Judy to add the new Home and Garden section for enthusiasts who flourish with shared wisdom and inside jokes that will, no doubt, occasionally pop up as the Joke of the Day, also a new section.


Start your morning at the SOP.  Check the weather, wink at your horoscope and submit your latest work in English, Spanish or French.  What a work! Why?  Because Judy is determined to dedicate a worldwide platform from which her students can launch their dreams.


Seriously sensational, Judy just makes it happen-- the Piazza Machine makes success her daily diet and she has set a place at the table just for you.


Bon appetit!  


Read about judyth in the new book Dream Reachers