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Published:July 16th, 2008 12:37 EST
Stubblefield Publishes Second Book: Afterword

Stubblefield Publishes Second Book: Afterword

By Sean Stubblefield

`Encourage` means `to place into courage`.
Samurai have a code of conduct--a Way of life-- called Bushidō (Way of the Warrior), which emphasizes courage, dignity and honor.
Embracing the spirit of samurai, Afterword is composed of aphorisms encouraging us to be more active participants in our lives and `practice what we preach`. With vigor and valor, we dare to create a life of adventure and nobility.


Is your behavior consistent with your beliefs?
Do you choose your life, or merely go through the motions?
Are you pursuing life or avoiding death?
So many of us want to do particular things in our lives-- with our lives, and yet make no efforts or even genuine plans to accomplish those things.
We make excuses. We procrastinate. We ignore aspirations.

We forsake initiative. We don`t care enough to dare enough. And then we regret and wonder how we never do the things we wanted to get done.

Whereas Paradox: Journey Inside Out considered ideas behind our beliefs, Afterword continues The Philosophy Trilogy by urging us to willfully put our beliefs into practice.

To not simply profess a belief, but to live it.