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Published:November 24th, 2008 13:45 EST
Healthcare Landscape, Breaking New Ground

Healthcare Landscape, Breaking New Ground

By SOP newswire2


Healthcare Landscape, one of the few independent medical fieldwork agencies, and owner of probably one of the world`s only community of patients suffering with acute and chronic conditions, is proud to announce the launch of icarecafe.  It is a unique, healthcare social network site that empowers patients to use their voice on healthcare/ medical issues and interact with new people in complete confidence.

Healthcare Landscape is a company that has a continuous policy of looking at new, innovative ways which add value and enrich market research. They felt a social network site dedicated to healthcare would bridge the communication gap across all disease areas for their members. Icarecafe provides clients an unparalleled access to a universal audience with the ability to incorporate novel techniques such as research blogs and interactive media. 

Icarecafe will be one of the first to allow medical education to be delivered in a trusted and highly user-friendly format. This will influence and change the way healthcare is communicated in the medical and pharmaceutical industry.