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Published:March 1st, 2009 13:21 EST
Reckless Parenting!

Reckless Parenting!

By SOP newswire2

March is Women`s History Month! To celebrate this essential part of history, I decided to relay information that will help our future. This future, will indeed become part of our history. Women have historically been the backbone of our society keeping the homes together while the men went out in the trenches to fight life. Nowadays, the growing trend has become the absent male and this has forced women to take on multiple roles. True, women may be the best mult-taskers, but it shouldn`t be necessary.

However, there are still groups of men that are willing and available to help with the activities in homes outside of their home. Some of us are willing to help provide information, mentoring and assistance to women in areas that will ease the burdens of running their households where a male may not be present. The Let Us Make Man Conference 2009 is a great place to start. Don`t forget to register at

Devin Robinson

Reckless Parenting!

A lecturer opened a parenting session with the following questions: How could you not know what clothes are in your son`s closet? How could you not know who his friends are? How could you not know what his email address is? How could you not know where he got the money from to buy that cell phone and continuously pay the bill? No. Not where he told you he got the money, where he actually got it!

As a parent, we know that the task of raising a son in these days can be somewhat overbearing but in many cases we make it more difficult than it needs to be. Children largely become who they are based on their environments. Actually, the personality of a child is formed by the age of 2. So what we allow our infants to become in contact with by age 2 has a strong connection with what they believe at age 20. Between the ages of 2 and 20, we have the power and influence over what and whom he interacts with. He may make it seem like he is not listening to you or paying attention but that is all a façade. Just as adults have pride, so do children. The older they get, the more prideful they get. Don`t believe me? Well, why does your son avoid being embarrassed? I avoided embarrassment many times as a child. Despite my parents` teachings, based on my social interactions, I couldn`t pretty much follow their rules. I felt their rules didn`t match my cool image, which I protected so much. So I made rebellious decisions instead.

Today, we have grown people among our society that are still imprisoned by pride and fear of embarrassment. It is so bad that we avoid revealing the problems our sons may be giving us; so instead, we stress and breakdown secretly and become part of the Secret Service. Not my mother. Every time I got arrested, stole, fought, etc., she released a news bulletin to our family. She didn`t fear what they had to say behind closed doors. She felt having a network of people, acting as informants, with their eyes open to my behaviors when they saw me out and about, trumped any talks of gossip or embarrassment she may have encountered.

We must not be Secret Service parents. Parenting is also a service to our community, not just ourselves. We must not be so protective of our image or son`s image that we indulge in reckless parenting. This recklessness will eventually come to light. By that time, the embarrassment can be more severe. Let`s get back to the Village helping to raise our children, of course not handing our children over to the Village to raise for us. We must always keep in mind, we can`t become so attached to pride that we get detached from parenting...