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Published:March 2nd, 2009 09:51 EST
"The Mini-Submarine" Praised in the US, Korea, and Sweden

"The Mini-Submarine" Praised in the US, Korea, and Sweden

By SOP newswire2

"THE MINI-SUBMARINE" is a new novelette of espionage, adventure and romance in the Stockholm archipelago. Before it is made into a film, world media has started to talk about it.

"THE MINI-SUBMARINE" is a novelette by the new popular Turkish-Canadian author based in Stockholm, Sweden, published by Xlibris. (ISBN 978-1-4363-9414-7)

It is the imaginary story of a Soviet mini-submarine grounding in Stockholm archipelago due to an instrument failure, exactly on the midnight when U.S.S.R. ceases to exist and Russia comes into being.

The captain of the mini-sub, Yuri, neither gets the help he expects, from the new Russian Embassy, the day it opens, nor from the Swedish police, as Russia is no longer a communist country. But, he is fortunate enough to meet a Swedish girl, Eva, who is studying Russian literature. The romance between Yuri and Eva carries them to a fantastic
adventure in Stockholm.

Terrorists try to kidnap Yuri to sell him to foreign powers, for his knowledge on satellite communications, but fail. Later, Yuri and Eva meet a Russian billionaire and his fiancé, who are visiting Stockholm in their gorgeous yacht. They become friends and Yuri is offered the job as the captain of the yacht and Eva as the secretary of the Russian billionaire. Two couples roam the world in the yacht, as the Russian billionaire conducts his business from his yacht.

Finally, as the couples get children, they decide to settle in Stockholm waters and turn the yacht into a Russian restaurant.

Meanwhile the mini-sub is discovered by a group of children camping near it, and becomes a popular object both for the children and for the KGB and SAPO, the Swedish
secret police as well as the Chinese secret service who have an eye on the communication module of the mini-sub. Espionage stories follow one another. Meanwhile
a group of Indians are also seen on the site which makes the other parties wonder as to what they are doing there. But, to the relief of everyone, Indians are there merely to research on a particular kind of snakes found only in the Stockholm archipelago.

After some international disputes, the mini-sub is finally left for the children to play with.

Terrorists, who have become imprisoned, finish their sentence and visit Yuri in the Russian restaurant to celebrate his birthday with a case of fire crackers. The novelette ends with a glamorous party in the yacht. The film will bring additional color and stamina to the story with fiery Russian music, well-selected actors and actresses under the direction of Film Director Prof. Eduardo Coronado.
"THE MINI-SUBMARINE" is looking for a movie producer with an established international market.

The novelette has gained the praise of U.S.A. , Korean and Swedish Press.,,,
have published very positive articles on "THE MINI-SUBMARINE" which is expected to be a
global success both in book form and as a film.

"THE MINI-SUBMARINE" is sold at its web-site:
and also at: as well as at,,, , www.
and soon will be available in 200 internet bookshops including :,,,,,,,,, and other well-known internet bookshops of your choice. It can also be ordered at 25.000 bookstores globally, by giving its ISBN.
Askin Ozcan is the author of six published books: THE SECOND VENICE, SMALL MIRACLES, STOCKHOLM STORIES, WISDOM IN SMILE, LIGHTNING AND A BOUQUET OF ROSES, THE MINI-SUBMARINE - all available under his name in the respective internet bookshops.

Web-site for Askin Ozcan:

Author has six published titles in the U.S.A. Also many articles published internationally. Currently writer at,,,