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Published:May 4th, 2009 11:13 EST
Askin Ozcan Fights For His Life In Sweden

Askin Ozcan Fights For His Life In Sweden

By SOP newswire2

Askin Ozcan is a new international author with six titles in the market. He has had five heart attacks in ten months. The new method of treatment by EDTA Chelaring is not available in Stockholm where he lives. He is fighting for his life!

Askin Ozcan is a new, popular author whose six books received international attention.

He had one major, four small heart attacks in the past ten months. By-pass surgery is offered, but there are risks in it. There is a new alternative treatment method, EDTA Chelating, which has no risks and gives 90% successful result according to reports.

This treatment though available in many countries, is not available in Sweden. The neighbouring Denmark has a private clinic with thirty years of experience, where 60,000 patients have been treated, but due to the high prices of treatment, Askin Ozcan cannot afford to receive this treatment there.

EDTA Chelation comprises of 25-30 treatments of IV fusions, where each treatment takes three hours. Usually 1-2 treatments are given per week.

EDTA, a synthetic protein, is given intravenous by drops under doctor control, and clears the arteries of the plaque which is the cause of heart attacks and no by-pass surgery is needed after that. Additionally mineral and vitamin supplements are given.

This method is in practice in the U.S.A. since 1950 where half to one million Americans benefit from it every year, and now is also available in many countries, but not yet in Sweden.

Askin Ozcan is taking the case to the Swedish "Patientnamnden", a free standing health establishment which scrutinizes the health problems of people who live in Sweden and finds solutions. Askin Ozcan hopes to receive help from this health authority to solve his problem, but is very afraid the process can take long time and his emergent situation can not be helped.

Following links give abundant information on EDTA Chelation Treatment  and more info can be found in the Google  and in yahoo, under  "EDTA Chelation" :  /   

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Askin Ozcan welcomes all help to afford him the above treatment to save his life.


Books by Askin Ozcan: