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Published:May 22nd, 2009 13:45 EST
Bacon Freak Combines Gourmet Chocolate With Bacon For   Sueyt Treat!

Bacon Freak Combines Gourmet Chocolate With Bacon For Sueyt Treat!

By SOP newswire2

Popular, Gourmet Bacon Of The Month Club,  has once again created some sizzle in the gourmet f

ood world by combining one of their most popular bacons, Boss Hogg Hickory Smoked Bacon, with a boutique quality Swiss chocolate to come up with another taste sensation that has people doing a lot more with their mouths than merely talking about it. 

The product is Boss Hog Bacon Chocolate Sueyts!  The name is yet another clever twist of terms that Bacon Freak has become so widely renowned for, making food fun again. Suey  is the word that most farmers use to call their pigs to meals. So they simply chose to use the word Sueyts  instead of Sweets!  

The idea of bacon and chocolate combined had been the dream of millions for hundreds of years!, admits Bacon Freak owner / proprietor Rocco Boss Hog Loosbrock, Bacon and chocolate are the two most passionately beloved oral obsessions  in society. All we did was take the highest quality, country style, gourmet bacon and perfectly blend it with the world`s finest, premium quality, boutique style chocolate.

That`s where Sandi Williamson of Executive Sweets  of Ohio came in! Boss Hog explains. This was always a priority project for us, but I knew I had to find the right chocolatier " with as much expertise in chocolate as I have in bacon!  Now I have and here it is! You really have to taste this to believe it!

Two versions are available. One made with dreamy - creamy milk chocolate and the other with rich, decadent, dark chocolate. It`s the perfect protein packed  power snack for traveling, picnics or just in-between meals. When it comes to truly unique and original party planning, these tantalizingly tempting taste treats will blow the minds of your guests and help create a memorable moment to last a life-time.

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