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Published:July 23rd, 2009 19:21 EST
Why Are Qurans Waiting in a D.C. Warehouse?

Why Are Qurans Waiting in a D.C. Warehouse?

By SOP newswire2


Thousands of copies of the Quran were delivered last week to CAIR`s Washington, D.C., warehouse and are waiting to be sponsored and distributed to 100,000 American opinion leaders and policymakers through the Share the Quran  educational initiative. Can I count on you to help empty the warehouse?

Since our Share the Quran  campaign was launched just a month ago, more than 1,500 Qurans have already been sponsored, but tens of thousands are waiting to be sponsored.

We urgently need $120,000 to successfully complete the first phase of this important effort. In the past, I asked you for your support, and you responded. Today, I ask for your help to educate our nation`s leaders about Islam and Muslims. Our research shows that when knowledge of Islam goes up, anti-Muslim stereotyping and prejudice go down.

ACT NOW to sponsor one or more copies of this top-quality Quran for an American leader or to donate to support this important initiative. If you donate today, the Qurans can be in the hands of opinion leaders by Ramadan, the month of the Quran.

All contributions are zakat-eligible and tax-deductible.

AN IMMEDIATE REQUEST: Please consider offering an additional contribution to help with the cost of managing the Share the Quran  campaign.